On My Reading Desk (02/03/13 – 02/09/13)

Happy Saturday everyone!! Here are my top picks for good reads this week in no particular order. Hope you are all making it through Nemo okay. If you’re snowed in, hope this offers some food for thought or at least something interesting to pass the time.

Why Did Men Stop Wearing Heels — William Kremer, BBC News

The meaning of heels throughout history.

The Price of a Stolen Childhood — Emily Bazelon, New York Times

A gripping article telling the story of 2 women who were raped as children for child pornography. How those horrors still affect them as adults even though the abuse has ended and how can restitution play a part in putting their lives back together.

Former sex trafficking victim shines light on dark underworld of Super Bowl — Naomi Martin, Nola.com

For majority of Americans, the Superbowl is a beloved national holiday. But not too many know of the darkness that has come to be part of this beloved day of American tradition. Former sex trafficking victim tells her story and sheds light onto human trafficking on American soil.

Delhi gang-rape introspection: India fails to check rampant sexual abuse of children — Emirates 24/7

An update on the Delhi gang rape case, the status of India’s rape laws, and the pending trial. She may have died but her death is sparking an awakening in India. Here’s the story so far.

Michelle Rhee: My Break With the Democrats –Michelle Rhee, The Daily Beast

Some really great thoughts on education reform by Michelle Rhee. I first heard of her from the documentary. Waiting for Superman.

The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles — Rachel Held Evans

Some really great writing from start to finish. Exposes American social and gender constructs and holds them up to what is really biblical. It saddens me that not a lot of people will be able to accept parts of this post because they can’t differentiate what roles and stereotypes are products of tradition and culture. I’m not sure if that’s because of pride, ignorance, or stubbornness or just lack of adequate experience in the social sciences. I don’t always agree 100% with Rachel but this was one of the best things I’ve read recently. I applaud her.

Why Do Christians Say Dumb Things? — Neil Samudre, Relevant Magazine

Wonderful piece on the difference between speaking truth with love and just plain slander.

Friendship in an Age of Economics — Todd May, New York Times

I cannot recommend this one enough. Pieces like this make me wish I had majored in journalism or something. Great piece on what is friendship. Such good thoughts.

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