My name’s Vicky. I’m a recent graduate of SUNY Geneseo. I’m out in the “real” world trying to figure out life. I’m bad at it. But I’m learning to be ok with it.

I am an ESFP.

I get awkwardly close to people.

I love dark, silty, muddy, french-pressed coffee.

I love all things InterVarsity. Well, I love all things Jesus, really.

This blog is about my word vomit… or thought puke. It’s where I work out my crap, my struggles, and my confusions.

But it’s also where I share my joys, my praises, the divine conspiracies taking place in the seemingly ordinary happenings of life: finding beauty in the bizarre, grace within contingency.

It’s putting to words the grace and mercy that is at work my life and sharing them in the form of a blog, hoping it might resonate with, bless, and/or encourage maybe one person who needs it.

I try to stay real. But it’s not always pretty.

I think that’s ok.


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