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The Discipline of Rest (09/02/2011)

When I originally planned to work 30+ hours a week 2 weeks ago, I didn’t consider the fact that basically all those hours would be spent in complete and constant chaos behind the bar. Alas, week one is finished.

I am emotionally burned out.

I am physically burned out.

My throat hurts from yelling and I’m losing my voice.

My feet hurt all the fricken’ time.

I have just finished my last shift and I have never been more thankful that God modeled for us sabbathing.

Because here is what would happen if I didn’t have tomorrow as sabbath:

  • I survive my shifts until approximately 3’o clock on Tuesday.
  • At 3:15pm, Vicky is on cold bar… making frappuccino after frappuccino as she thinks to herself, “Frappuccinos are the scourge of my existence”.
  • At 3:20pm, someone orders something complicated… such as a venti matcha smoothie with soy milk. Vicky makes said stupid drink and realizes upon pouring that she only has measurements for grandes because venti smoothies do not exist let alone matcha smoothies.
  • 3:22pm, customer is unhappy.
  • 3:22pm part two, Vicky hits breaking point.
  • 3:24pm, Vicky has killed everyone.

Ok… so maybe I’m being a touch melodramatic here.

For the sake of my own sanity (and for the sake of my other co-workers and anyone else who would have to interact with me next week), my Saturday sabbath could not come soon enough. Rest is a discipline that is not built into our culture. We value hard work which, in it of itself, isn’t a bad thing except when it turns us into workaholics.

It makes God just that more awesome to me as I consider on weeks like this how amazing it is that He cares about the whole person so much so that He would instruct us to stop and rest at least one day out of the week for our emotional/physical/spiritual health. When I think about honoring Him, it always has something to do with doing something. Yet, He is honored when we trust our lives to Him by our not-doing on our day of rest. What I mean is, even though I might logistically benefit from another day of progress, keeping the sabbath is saying, “Jesus, I trust You and trust that even though I do not “do” on this day, You will provide for all my needs. I do not need to worry and understand that there is more to gain from spending time resting in You and fellowshiping with others.”

(And of course, I do not mean keeping the sabbath in a legalistic way where we don’t even eat because chewing would be work. Because that is ridonkulous.)

So Jesus, on the eve of my sabbath, I am so excited to spend an extended period of time with You and Your people. Because without You, I can’t keep this kind of schedule up and be healthy at the same time. I am humbled by Your comprehensive love for me. There’s nothing I can do apart from You.

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